Dogs of 6th and Devoy

The mural under development on this fence is called Dogs of 6th and Devoy.

We are looking for your dog.

If you would like to have your dog painted in this mural, and you live on 6th or Devoy or the surrounding area, please send your favourite photograph of your dog for entry as soon as possible so your dog can have a place on the fence.

The plan is to have one to three dogs on each panel.

The entrance fee is $50 per dog to help cover cost of materials. Donations of any amount can also be made as the net profits will be donated to local dog charities.

the mural is in progress and will take shape over the next months weather and time permitting. 

this is what it looks like at of Sept 7 2015. keep checking here for updates.

this is the first panel, with my dog and the fence owners dog

this is my dog under construction. details will be added when more dogs there

For more information call the artist at 604 527 9976 or email at

this is a neighbour dog under development.

also see the announcement at  under announcements