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Welcome to Petartisan

Pet themed art for pet lovers

We do love our pets

pet artisan allows you the opportunity to find

unique products for you

and for any dog or cat lover

For many animal lovers having art that is of or about our pets is so important.

The Pet Lovers Art

That is PetArtisan

As we grow, each artist will bring you their own creations, whether it is in oils, pastels, watercolour, bead work, glass work, ceramic, silver, gold, metals, fine gems, paper mache, clothing of all kinds, or even in book form.

We love our pets. We want creations inspired by artists that remind us of our pets now, and memories of them when they are no longer with us. Admiring and honouring a pet through art has been a pass time for centuries. All forms of art related to the dog and cat have an interesting history that dates back many thousands of years.

Petartisans allows you the opportunity to find unique products for you, and for any dog or cat lover.

You can find information, make connections with other pet owners, to share pet sitting, to exchange stores, and to and products for your pets at our connected site