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Pet portraits from Krachelart

“My favourite animal subjects are the dog and the cat.


When I create a painting or drawing of a pet

I often work from a series of photographs.

I provide one or several sketches for you to choose from

 for me to create the finished art you desire.

I also like to know something about the animal from its owner

If possible I like to meet the animal.


It is said that I capture the “soul of the animal in my painting.”

or an appointment call 604 527 9976

Or 604 329 0763

Margaret Halsey

Or email at


Prices range from $300 to $5000.


Framing can be arranged at $150 to $500 depending on quality and size.

see more pet portraits and well as scenery in watercolour and acrylic

at KRachelArt







I can also do a caricature of your dog or cat on a 12 inch square in acrylic for $200.